NexMoon: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Worldwide

Beyond Services – A Platform Nurturing Global Leaders in Web3!


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Virgin Islands (British), 28th Jan 2024, King NewsWireIn our endeavors, NexMoon is not merely a project-based company but a platform striving to shape global leaders in the Web3 domain!


NexMoon: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Worldwide


Company Overview

NexMoon stands at the forefront of project-based companies, emerging as a dynamic platform dedicated to shaping global leaders in the Web3 landscape. Our team is a fusion of exceptional talents from prestigious global universities and seasoned professionals with a background in industry giants such as IBM. With 30% of our team holding postgraduate degrees, NexMoon has successfully invested $1.2 million in incubating groundbreaking projects.


NexMoon: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Worldwide


Core Business

Holistic Project Support

At NexMoon, project development takes center stage. We provide comprehensive support, guiding projects from conceptualization through incubation to successful listing. Our team, comprised of graduates from renowned global universities and industry experts, ensures the robust development of projects across various stages.

Tailored Stage Services

We advocate for active employee involvement throughout the incubation process. Our flexible services cover investment and financing support, partner identification, and professional consulting, ensuring tailored solutions for each project.

Investment and Financing Consulting

Boasting extensive experience, NexMoon collaborates closely with global investment institutions and former industry practitioners. We provide projects with comprehensive financing consulting services, facilitating the acquisition of essential funding.

Platform Collaboration

Through extensive partnerships with over 2000 trading platforms, we identify optimal collaborators for projects. Bringing together former practitioners from diverse enterprises, we collectively support projects in expanding their influence and market share, establishing an international cooperation platform.


NexMoon: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Worldwide


Industry Resource Integration

NexMoon possesses an in-depth understanding of blockchain and crypto market dynamics. Through events like the Global Blockchain Conference, we offer employees opportunities to engage globally in the industry, providing projects with cutting-edge information and in-depth insights for a sustained competitive advantage.

Diverse Team and Experience

Our team comprises talents from globally renowned universities and attracts former practitioners from companies like IBM, creating a work environment rich in diversity and experience exchange.

NexMoon: Pioneering the Future of Web3 Worldwide


Employee Opportunities

NexMoon encourages every employee to actively participate in the company’s incubation process. We provide opportunities for engagement with former practitioners from globally renowned companies, collectively driving innovation and mutual growth.

Future Outlook

NexMoon is a forward-thinking and pioneering company committed to continuing its services for projects and platforms within the web3 industry. We believe that by incorporating the experience from globally renowned companies and academia into the development of Web3, we will provide employees with broader learning and development opportunities. NexMoon’s goal is to become a global service provider for Web3 innovation and a premier platform for cultivating global leaders in the Web3 domain.

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